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Rolleiflex camera instax SQ6 square film INSTAX BACK(3.5f/e/t/2.8f/e/d/c/b/gx/fx/cord)

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Rolleiflex camera instax square film back(3.5f/e/t,2.8f/e/d/c/b/gx/fx, cord)

If your rollei has Quick Release Viewfinder,Then you can choose the whole process Focusing kit,you do not need any focus compensation

The whole process focusing kit   is  an additional set of accessories, not a instax back 

If your rollei do not has Quick Release Viewfinder,Because using the additional lens ,This back needs simple focus compensation,Normal focus at infinity ~ 2m,simple focusing compensation is needed within 2 m of focusing,0.3m compensation is needed within 2 m of focusing,For example, if the scale of the focusing button is 2m, you need to turn it to 1.7m to focus,The focus button scale is 1.7m, and it is only coking if it needs to be turned to 1.4m,The focus button scale is 1.4m, and it is only coking if it needs to be turned to 1.1m,If you can't accept focus compensation,please do not buy it.

Because international express can't deliver batteries, please prepare two CR2 by yourself.

when you finish your order please send me your camera picture(SN number,camera back door)i should check is that suit my back,thanks

The production cycle is less than one week,feel free to ask me questions,thanks

feel free to ask me any question!



This is a customized product. It takes about 3 weeks from ordering to shipping.

No refund is supported during the process


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