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Flash adapters for the Polaroid SX-70、Sonar hot shoe

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The adapter plugs into the flashbar slot and provides a x-sync standard pc socket where you can connect any electronic flash or radio remote like the Pocket Wizards.
The sync voltage can be 3 - 300 V so new and old flashes work reliably and safely.
The flash side is completely isolated from the camera side.

The shell material is 3D printing

The price for one adapter 

Support PC- 3.5mm sync lines 

Come with Hot shoe !!!

This is a table about the relationship between aperture and distance after SX70 series cameras use flash






Flash Trigger Kit

  • Includes one Transmitter and one Receiver
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, Convenient and easy to charge with USB
  • Simple pairing with automatic clear channel selection
  • Up to 32ft operating range
  • Compatible with most cameras / flashes with standard ISO hot shoe, including Sony Multi Interface Shoe (MIS)


Olympus FL-14 Flash-NEW 


Camera Accessory FL-14 Electronic Flash | External Flashes | Olympus: cameras, audio and binoculars


Guide number GN14 (ISO100/m) / GN20 (ISO200/m)
Firing angle Covers the angle of view of a 28mm lens (35mm equivalent)
Power supply 2 AAA alkaline batteries
2 AAA NiMh batteries
Flash interval*1 Approx. 5.5 sec. (when using AAA alkaline batteries) / Approx. 4.5 sec. (when using AAA NiMh batteries)
Number of flashes*1 (at full flash) Approx. 80 (when using AAA alkaline batteries) / Approx. 130 (when using AAA NiMh batteries)
Size (excludes protrusions) 70.0mm (W) x 42.5mm (H) x 57.0mm (D)
Weight 84g (excludes batteries)
Accessories Soft Case


 PLS NOTE: SX70 do not accept TTL


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