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Polaroid SX70/SONAR/680 camera *Mercury PCB AND CONTROLLER

Polaroid SX70/SONAR/680 camera *Mercury PCB AND CONTROLLER

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This is a camera board for Polaroid SX70/SONAR/680 

New Lighht sensor and IC

Provide more accurate metering data
Supports switching between two types of film sensitivity, SX70/600, without the need for a controller

If you can use WeChat, you will be able to control your camera through Bluetooth. Remote control and selection of shutter speed for shooting

The physical controller is currently being designed......
Pre order can provide an additional set of semi transparent shells that can be replaced on your own

The default shell color is white or black
Material is 3D printed

Estimated delivery time is the end of July
The controller is used with the new circuit board
the original circuit board cannot match

The physical controller Basic Functions:

  • Switching the shutter speed in the manual mode which ranges from 1/8000s to 30s(the apateur value is equal to F8 for ambient light shooting).Self-timer ranges from 9s to 35s,both of them could be changed remotely including remote shutter release.
  • Independent Build-in light measuring system with a simple but effective Exposure Value indicator.
  • Extended flash sync function.A Polaroid-3.5mm flash adapter makes SX70 Revolution II possible to connect with normal flashlight such as Nikon,Canon,Vivitar , National and Meitz.Actual F-Number indicator for every shutter speed value makes it possible to shot with flashilight accurately,even for professional studio photography.
  • Built-in lithium battery
    TYPE-C charging

The controller casing is made of 3D printing, and the surface may not be smooth. You can perform additional polishing and polishing yourself

Item including:

PCB: 1*circuit board and 1*metering hole filter

PCB+controller: 1*circuit board and 1*metering hole filter+physical controller 


This new PCB can be used to repair some cameras
that are not working properly due to a faulty PCB

What do you need to prepare?

a camera

electric soldering iron

Square/torx screwdriver

If you intend to buy in large quantities, 
you can contact me for a better price


Android(Sideload apk_BETA)


By default, we do not agree to returns under any circumstances.

Once the circuit board is tinned and soldered, it means that returns are not supported.

We cannot guarantee that the owner can install and use this circuit board normally. Please bear your own responsibility.

This product is a special product, in which personal factors have a very large impact, so I do not support returns.


Once you purchase this product, you agree to the above non-return terms by default.



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