Pola Studio Polaroid Camera Service

Pola Studio Polaroid Camera Service

Is your camera dead? Feeling sluggish? Light meter inaccurate? Sonar autofocus nonfunctional? We can fix it! All cameras we service come with a full 1-year warranty.

We offer professional servicing for the following Polaroid Cameras:

  • SX-70 Original

  • SX-70 Sonar

  • SLR 680

  • SLR690
  • 600/635/636.....

After placing an order for an SX-70 Restoration, mail your camera to us.  The sooner we receive it, the sooner we can begin the work. Please remove any film from the camera, camera straps, cases, or packaging. Mail only your camera to us. Please be sure it is adequately protected during shipping; we recommend 1” or thicker of bubble wrap and for the camera to be mailed in a box, not an envelope. Send it to us

My address is in Guangzhou, China

Please contact me

Whatsapp:+852-92907062(Text only)




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Hello, i want to fix my SLR690, Autofocus is not working well. if possible, i can send you. Thanks.

Seyoung Cho

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