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Pola Studio*Polaroid camera Power KIT adapter 5.0 ver SX70/SONAR/680/690

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Pola Studio

Power kit 5.0 & S

Ver "S" mean SILM

Only add 9mm length after installation
The appearance design is the same as 5.0, but the length will be shorter


Ver 5.0& Evo

add 18mm length after installation


Compatible with SX70/ SONAR /Mint 670/ SLR680/SLR690/OPENSX70

You're ready to shoot  Polaroid i-type film.

Be ready for every moment with a built-in  rechargealbe battery .


The shell appearance of version 5.0 is the same as that of version 3.0/4.0, but the performance and functions are different


Version 3.0 and 4.0 user can be upgraded directly by replacing the 5.0 circuit board, without the need to replace the housing

If you want to purchase a 5.0 circuit board separately for upgrading, please click the link


If your camera is 680/690, I recommend upgrading 5.0

Version 5.0 and EVO will continue to be sold in the future


Version 5.0 and EVO has greatly improved the performance and is equipped with a film type detection and judgment system
Please install the standard process to start and stop the machine and put the photo paper in sequence,Otherwise, it is easy to misjudge

Performance: EVO>5.0>4.0


FILM detection system: EVO/5.0

TYPE-C Charging: EVO/5.0/4.0

Standby power consumption: 5.0>EVO>4.0

Integrated housing:EVO/5.0/4.0

Replaceable battery: EVO/5.0/4.0

Please note that EVO battery is different from 5.0 and 4.0 batteries, so please do not mix them



Color:  White -Black -Sliver

Please note:All shell colors are painted, which may have a slight color difference with the camera body

The cover is made of mould, not 3D print

The heat resistance temperature of the cover is 100 ℃


Very simple and fast installation

The power kit has been assembled and can be installed directly

Please don't use super charge to charge

5V1A USB charge is best



Full set Power kit Items include: 

Shell x1, Battery x1,Circuit board x1 , Instructions x1



More info can check my Ins: Johnny_inggg


Wechat: baibaibai0710










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